Frozen Inferno

The real life story of a Lithuanian woman – Dalia Grinkevicius.

The following article appeared in 1979 in the second volume of the Russian publication Pamiat (Memory). Material for this publication is collected by Russian dissidents in. the Soviet Union and later sent to the West. All we know about the author of this article, Dalia Grinkevicius, a former physician in the village of Laukuva, is what she herself has told us in the article, and what the publication supplies in its introduction. We have not been able to find her name in Lithuanian. underground publications. Although in recent years there has been no small number of testimonies by witnesses about the sufferings of Lithuanians exiled to Siberia, this brief article by Dalia Grinkevicius probably surpasses all others in detail and horror.

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Frozen Inferno